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  • OCI Streaming 서비스의 가격 모델 원친은 PAYG(Pay-as-You-Go, 사용 기준 과금 모델)입니다. Streaming 서비스에 대한 선불 금액이나 최소 비용은 없습니다. 오로지 자원을 사용한 만큼 비용으로 계산됩니다.

    GET/PUT request price (GigaBytes of data transferred) Please refer to the pricing guide for actual pricing of OCI Streaming.

    Let’s consider a scenario where a data producer puts 500 records per second in aggregate and each record is 2kB. The customer wants to egress/retrieve data at a rate twice that of ingress. Also the customer wants to store this data for 7 days.

    Price calculation/day (just as an example)

    Each record size = 4kB (rounded to 4kB for any record less than 4kB)

    In this scenario, total amount of data produced per day = 500 * 4 * 24 * 60 * 60 kB = 172.8 GB Total amount of data retrieved = Twice that of Produce = 2*172.8 GB = 345.6 GB PUT Request price/day = $172.8 * $xx= $A GET Request price/day = $345.6 * $xx = $B Data storage cost = $172.8*247$yy = $C Total bill/day = $(A + B + C) Optional:

    Extended data retention is an optional cost determined by the amount of additional days of retention beyond the default 24-hour retention (GigaBytes of storage per hour)

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